Bronze Portrait Commissions

Karen Kasper enjoys the challenges and rewards of creating portrait sculptures from life-study, achieving a remarkable understanding of the unique form, character and spirit of her equine subjects.  She records her observations of their specific body language, movement and expressions directly to an original clay model, ultimately to be cast into bronze - the most enduring art medium known to mankind.

When the clay is finished, a reproduction mold is made from it, careful to preserve every detail of the model.  Hot wax is poured into this empty mold, forming a hollow duplicate of the original sculpture.  This wax pattern is carefully re-detailed by the artist’s hand, and taken to the art foundry for casting into bronze by the ancient “lost-wax” process.

After the cast pieces are weld assembled, the bronze surface is chased to the desired finish, and completed with a final patina and wax polish.  Every bronze is personally signed by the artist, as a unique piece or numbered from a limited edition, and accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.

Karen Kasper’s personal involvement in each of her portrait sculptures from creation to completion assures the likeness and quality of all of her bronzes.  Accordingly, only a limited number of portrait commissions are accepted each year.

A selection of bronze portrait sculptures may be viewed in

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